Yamaoka Yasuhiro - Easy Ride (2003)

Yamaoka Yasuhiro Easy Ride

01. side one
02. side two

03. album version
04. secret track

Groovy Booby, Yeah Yeah!

All files composed by Yamaoka Yasuhiro.
side one and side two 01.2003, album version and secret track 10.2003.
No catalogue number.

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Yamaoka Yasuhiro - "Remix?" for Wantech (2001)

Yamaoka Yasuhiro "Remix?" for Wantech

01. Shiranai Oyaji (try it!)

Wantech visited Tone Note BBS of ACE, and asked how to get an extract of the vocal section apart from accompaniment; he called it ekisu (essence). ACE was showing the succeeded sample at his BBS. He wrote back "just try it", instead of giving the answer. Wantech could not reach the answer.
Several days later, Wantech made a song: Shiranai Oyaji (an old stranger man). It's a song about unknown old man who is singing alone in the midnight. This was exactly what Wantech did. Wantech thought that singing by himself is easier rather than trying to extract the vocal part from a prepared audio file. Wantech uploaded the audio file of his vocal part to both of his web page and ACE's BBS.
The other day, a web friend of Wantech opened the web page for remix entries. The first subject was Wantech's Shiranai Oyaji. It seemed an interesting idea because Wantech had a web site for Orion users, his friend had a web site for Acid users. (Both of two web sites no longer exsist.) Their calls for entries had begun almost at the same time. They had gotten 4 to 5 entries from Acid users, but from Orion users. So, I decided to enter my remix file that was made with Orion. And this is the last entry for this project.

Shiranai Oyaji (try it!) was originally released in 03.2001.

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Yamaoka Yasuhiro - Shumekuri Calendar (2002-2003)

Yamaoka Yasuhiro Shumekuri Calendar

01. No Snow, Here
November 2002, recorded in NY USA.

these files are made for weekly web calendar project by contributors through the web.

02. please call again
January 2003, recorded in TYO JPN.
originally, the short 30sec version was exhibited for the ongoing project.

each work was exhibited for 7 days.

03. fmxmhz
May 2003, recorded in TYO JPN.

I contributed music mp3 files except for

04. Saguriai no Blues (karaoke)
September 2003, drawn in TYO JPN.
the karaoke added in May 2006 TYO JPN.

Saguriai no Blues: an imaginary folk song, shown just as a page from an imagined song book. now, you can sing it with karaoke mp3.

December 2003, recorded in TYO JPN.

Saguriai no Blues English translation

Feel Each Other Out Blues
lyrics and music by Saguri Ai

Feeling each other out, touching each other / We are living, me and you / Here, there, everywhere / Feeling each other out, touching each other / Holding each other out, fraying the nerve ends / Feeling each other out, touching each other / We are living, me and you / For today, for tomorrow, everyday / Feeling each other out, hanging each other on / Holding each other out, bearing each other with / Robbing each other, giving each other / Vowing each other, nipping nipples each other / We are living, me and you / In the morning, in the night, everytime

(Dialogue) Well, let's sing this song and enjoy it

all files created by Yamaoka Yasuhiro.
no catalogue number.

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yamaoka yasuhiro - spongeman (out/space) (2002)

yamaoka yasuhiro spongeman (out/space)
originator: nosaka keiichi, converter: yamaoka yasuhiro

01. spongeman 1 (outing space)

02. spongeman 2 (spacing out)

03. spongeman 3 (out of space)

04. spongeman 4 (space to out)

05. spongeman 5 (out from space)

06. spongeman 6 (space of out)

Work in this series is made from consecutive tunes spongeman from Nosaka's Home Page. A reason for the work is that I like the imagery of sponges from his tunes. Another reason is, I got the (trivial) idea of word playing n > y, because I was living in NY at that time. At first, I gave them the title spongespace. Later, I changed it to add subtitles using two words: out/space. The reason why space is used, is that the name like ...man seems to be used for the man who came from outer space with unbelievable amazing powers and abilities. Their sounds are with sound effector softwares. The images are also converted by using many effects similar to the sounds. Sometimes, converting includes a nuance of usurping.

all files originated by n, converted by y, november/2002.
no catalogue number.

original spongeman page in Nosaka's Home Page.
spongeman page in Internet Archive.

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